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Policies and Procedures

2020 Boca Raton Regional Hospital Golf Scramble


Your donation of $2000 ($500 per player] for18-hole play, or $1000 ($250 per player) for 9-hole game will benefit the Ron and Kathy Assaf Center for Excellence in Nursing and allows you to participate in this Golf Scramble fundraising event. See the Registration Procedures section below for more details Registration will close at 2:00 pm EST on December 11, 2020


An eligible team/foursome will consist of four amateur golfers.

Golf Course Recommendation:

Slope and rating will be calculated based off a par 72 course for an 18-hole game and par 36 for a 9-hole game. If the team/foursome plays a course that is not a par 72 their net score will still be calculated from a par 72 course.

Registration Procedures:

One person per team/foursome will register on behalf of the entire team/foursome. Those that register the team will need every amateurs’ up to date handicap index at the time of registration. Payment in full for team/foursome is required at registration; reimbursement should be handled amongst the team/foursome. If a team/foursome would like to play an additional round throughout the tournament, the team will need to contact at 561-955-4642 or The price for playing an additional round will be reduced.


The tournament is a 4-person scramble competition using the Ambrose handicap system for scoring.

* The Ambrose Team Handicap method is fifty percent of the average of the four players’ Course Handicaps rounded to the nearest whole number.

Due to COVID-19, compliance with CDC guidelines and social distancing must be followed. We recommend placing each teammates’ ball up to 6 feet apart from the original spot in either direction but no nearer the hole and keeping them within the same area of the golf course. (i.e. if a ball is in the rough, all players must play from the rough.

Yardage Guidelines:

Amateur Tees Yardage Range Women: 4800 - 5400 yards Amateur Tees Yardage Range Men: 5800 - 6400 (Please play to appropriate yardage for handicap).


One player from the team/foursome will submit a score card to

Players must write hole by hole scores (GROSS SCORES ONLY) on the scorecard. Boca Raton Regional Hospital Foundation will calculate the Net score. Scorecards must be submitted by December 14, 2020 at 11:59 pm EST.